A Dating App designed to go on Actual Dates


Lease My Love

Lease My Love serves individuals interested in scheduling and going on dates, in hopes of finding potential life partners.

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How Are We Different?



Things we value, we spend our Energy, Money, and Time on, like our cars, boats, and even our homes. So, why not lease our love or invest in ourselves? At “Lease My Love”, that approach is very simple. We use money in the form of “Date Credits”, as insurance against unserious and ill-intended users to ensure only quality candidates use and stay on our app. We help create connections, and make it possible for individuals to plan dates using our in-app calendar scheduler. And once a date is complete, each party gets a chance to rate the other solely on Respect and Kindness, thereby holding each other accountable.

How We Use Date Credits



After a “Date Request” is accepted, each party has a certain number of “Date Credits” locked in for that date. Should a user not show up to the scheduled date (ghosting), the other user gets credited for showing up. These “Date Credits” can later be redeemed in the form of gift cards. Basically, “Date Credits” are used both as an incentive, and a deterrent for users to follow through on a planned date. Each user puts his or her money where their mouth is.

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Dating Problems Our App Addresses


Choice overload

Safety concerns


Conventional & Safer Date

The app aims to bring people together in a more conventional and safer way by having users choose a public meet-up location, and uploading a short in-app video at their agreed-upon meet-up location!


Safer Date

Ditch the endless "swipes" and "likes", and send actual date requests.


Once a date request is accepted, you can start communicating with each other and plan your date.

Best Features Of Our App

Schedule Date

Schedule a perfect date in a safe environment by choosing a public location and indicating your different availabilities to lock in your date.

Rate Your Date

Rate your date 24 hours after date is completed.


"Lease My Love" allows for more convenient and safe dates by ONLY allowing public meet-ups on the first date. Users must upload 15-30 sec—clips at their agreed-upon meeting location upon arrival.

Date Credits

Users who follow all the in-app rules will be credited if the other party is in breach of the dating contract. Credits can be redeemed through gift cards.

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